From the latest ISSUE OF THE Organic & Non-GMO REPORT:

Facing criticism for dropping 89 organic dairy farms, Danone says it remains committed to family farms

The recent decision by Danone North America to terminate contracts with 89 organic dairy farmers in Northeast states has angered organic groups, who say ...

Organic Valley farms in southeast Minnesota grateful they made the turn to organic

Members of the nation’s largest cooperative of organic farmers feel fortunate they became specialized and stayed small during a time when many producers ...

EPA and Bayer had close contact in 2020 reinstatement of dicamba

Newly obtained emails show how Bayer worked with the EPA to reinstate company’s controversial dicamba herbicide after a federal court had ruled that the EPA ...

5 BIPOC farmers who are growing the organic movement

Across the country, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) farmers are doing their part to grow the organic movement. Here are five farmers paving ...

U.S. farmers “hungry” for partnership with Mexico to supply non-GMO corn

If Mexico needs non-GMO corn to supplement domestic production, Midwest grain suppliers and farmers say they can meet their needs.

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Highlights from this month's issue:

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Celebrating our 20th year in publishing!

U.S. farmers “hungry” for partnership with Mexico to supply non-GMO corn

If Mexico needs non-GMO corn to supplement domestic production, Midwest grain suppliers and farmers say they can meet their needs.

Perennial Fund aims to drive the next great revolution in agriculture: regenerative organic

Fund is financing built for organic farmers and farmers making the transition. It replaces traditional capital with operating loans and lines of credit that enable the transition to regenerative organic agriculture.

New organization aims to be “connector” to scale regenerative agriculture

Great Plains Regeneration to focus on helping region’s farmers build soil health, develop markets for regenerative agriculture products, revive rural communities

Synthetic biology products entering the market unregulated, unlabeled—and even with non-GMO claims

So-called “GMO 2.0” techniques are being used to create agricultural crops and inputs, food products and ingredients, personal care products, and supplements. They carry similar risks that the older GMO techniques do.

Hälsa oatmilk yogurt: taking clean label to another level

Hälsa turns organic whole grain oats into a fiber- and nutrient-rich, pre- and probiotic-filled product, without using a single food chemical or additive either in the final product or the process itself.

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The U.S. #organic industry may well look back at 2020 as the point where organic matured past its niche beginnings, becoming a global commodity market.

A May 2021 study in the academic journal Frontiers in Environmental Science found that #pesticides widely used in American agriculture pose a threat to organisms critical to healthy soil & biodiversity. Yet these are not considered by U.S. regulators.

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What People Say about The Organic & Non-GMO Report

I rely on The Organic & Non-GMO Report to understand the news and trends that are impacting our sector.  It really serves a unique need, since it’s the only publication dedicated to organic and non-GMO ag. It covers a stunning range of topics: from research developments, regulations and marketplaces to consumer sentiment and really helps me get a full picture what's going on in this area of food & agriculture.

- Kellee James, CEO,
Mercaris, Silver Spring, MD

I constantly recommend The Organic & Non-GMO Report to my friends and colleagues as it is a very good source for the latest news and perspectives regarding GMOs and also many other issues relating to protecting our seed, agriculture, and food.

- Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager,
Nature’s Path Foods Inc., Richmond, BC, Canada

The Organic & Non-GMO Report was not only the first publication to devote itself to non-GMO and organic grain news, it remains the most important dedicated news source for information about the topics that are important to the farmers and businesses that are working in this space.

- Tom Ehrhardt, Vice-President,
Albert Lea Seed House, Albert Lea, MN

Our policy, standards and purchasing crews depend on The Organic & Non-GMO Report to identify new sources of synthetic ingredients so we can avoid them. Without this important and focused resource, navigating the supply chain would be overwhelming, and setting clear comprehensive standards would be almost impossible. On the flip side, we often refer our vendors here when they are looking for non-GMO and organic ingredient sources.

- Alan Lewis, Vice President of Government Affairs, Stakeholder Relations, and Organic Compliance
Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Lakewood, CO

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